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  A.Z. and son Jason

  A.Z. with Bongo Bill

  Please, no heckling

  A.Z. at the WPB Improv

  Linda and Comedian A.Z.

  Joe, Donna, Darlene, Terry

  Jamie, Julie NFL Cheerleaders

  Lewis Black and A.Z.

   Larry Silver from Grouchos

   Jason and Comedian A.Z.


  Comedian A.Z. 

  Victorian Jackson on SNL

  Ms. Dupree/George Wallace

  A.Z. and Gallagher

  Comedian A.Z. in Vegas

   A.Z. and Shawn Klitzner

  Bobby Collins and A.Z.

  See my belt buckle

  Comedian Bongo Bill

  A.Z. at the Hard Rock

  The Girls - OH WOW!

  The King of Queens show    Kevin James and A.Z.

  Lynn and Comedian A.Z.

  Jimmy Shubert and A.Z.

  Gabe Kaplan and  A.Z. Welcome Back Kotter

  Hemp, A.Z. and Paul


  Julie Kick and A.Z.

  Victoria Jackson, A.Z.

  Gilbert Gotfried, A.Z.

  Joel, A.Z. and Doctor Alan

  A.Z. and Ralphie May

   John Pinnette and A.Z.

  My friend Rick Sutton


  Carl Rimi,A.Z., Tim Northern

  Comedian A.Z. Grouchos Comedy Club

  Joe Pustizzi, A.Z.,Bryan

  Lynne Koplitz and A.Z.

Marie, Richard M and A.Z. 

  Robert Klein,Comedian A.Z.

  Pit Bull and A.Z. on the set

  Collin Quin,A.Z.Eddie Brill


  In the Hooters Dressing room

  Steve, A.Z., Joel 


  Last show at Uncle Funnys

  A.Z.and Kevin Meaney

  A.Z.and Foxie Moxie

  A.Z.and Finesse Mitchell

  Red Lion 2006

  Bruce Smirnoff and A.Z.


   Al Aprill, A.Z. Rory Pendland

  A.Z. at the Tropicana





Sabrina and A.Z. 2008

  Joel, Keith,Deirdra,A.Z.

  Joe and Darlene,Love them

  The Smith Family and Gary


The Sledgematic,Gallagher

  Tony Woods and A.Z.


  Rodney Carrington

  Doug Stanhope and A.Z.





  Kirk,A.Z.and Joe at the W.H.

   Jenny and Kathy

  Terry,Ron,Derek, A.Z.

     Al Jackson/A.Z./Laurie F.

Ashlie and A.Z.

  Dom Irrera and A.Z.

  Jeff, A.Z., Pam, Adrian

  A.Z. at NYCC

Erroll, Andrew, David,AZ.

   Comedian A.Z. and Hansen

Bobby Collins/Eddie Brill

  Terry Crowley / A.Z.

  Darryl Rhodes and A.Z.

  Ron, Lisa and Tony, A.Z.


  Sue and Richie

   A.Z. and Collin Quinn

  Sherry Sheppard and A.Z.

      I know Dave Kelly

       Julie Kick and Comedian A.Z.


  Laurie, A.Z. and Stevie D

  A.Z. and Dave Attell


  comedian A.Z. as Rainman

Lynda and Comedian A.Z.

A.Z. and Dwight York


  Santa and Where's A.Z.


   Al and Comedian A.Z.

  Mahmuud, A.Z. and Travis

  Linda, A.Z. Ron and Wife


  Eric Bruce,JJ Walker and A.Z.


  David, A.Z. and Lisa Corrao

  Marsha Warfield and A.Z.

  Bongo Bill at the Garage


  Dan and Comedian A.Z.

  Comedian A.Z. and Richie

  A.Z. and Seve Marshall


  Amy the Waitress

  Stevie D and A.Z.

Wil Shriner and Comic A.Z.

    Eric, A.Z. and Mike


  Cheryl and A.Z.


  A.Z. and Al Romero

   Leigh Kessler and A.Z.

  Big Star Fan

  Scott and comedian A.Z.

  Hemp, A.Z. and Laurie

  Comedian A.Z. and René

  Picture hanging at the Improv

  A.Z. on the Movie Set


Terry, Ron, Deek, A.Z.

   Will Watkins, A.Z.

    A.Z. at Goruchos 

  Michelle, A.Z. Julie 

  Val and Eric

Sherry and Johnny

  Benenotti and Comedian A.Z. Miami  Improv 

Comeian A.Z. at the Waffle


  Sandy, A.Z. and Jessica

Vic, A.Z. and Ken

  Bonner and A.Z.

   Gary Owen and A.Z.

  Comedian A.Z.

  Stu and Comdian A.Z.


Dat Phan and A.Z.

  Leah and Comedian A.Z.


  Bongo Bill

  Kelly, A.Z. and Brad

   Gina and A.Z. 

  Bernard, Lisa and A.Z.

  Howard and A.Z.   The comedy of az .com

Dexter Angry and A.Z. 

  Tiffany and Matt

  Mutzie and A.Z.

  Lorraine and A.Z. 

  Steve, A.Z. and Sandy

SAXY Steve Bradbury

My Idol Tim Northern

Can you hear me now?

A.Z. at the Improv 

  Comedian A.Z.

Jim Moran and A.Z.

  Rhonda and  A.Z.

  Kirk and comedian A.Z.

   On the Cover



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