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  This is my special THANK YOU page to:


LYNN - (a waitress in comedy clubs for 20+ years)

  One night in June of '04' I decided to never go on stage again cause I never feel funny, I would drive to the clubs telling myself I suck and everyone is gonna hate me. (I still do) but that night I stopped in the club to sorta say bye to some people and I wasn't going back to any clubs.  The Manager said the feature was a little weak so would I mind going up for 10 minutes, and unprepared and knowing I wouldn't be back I said O.K.  Anyway - after the set Lynn who had seen me a few times asked me to sign her autograph book.

Here's the catch - She had a book with about 20 Big Time Stars in it and nothing else. The first page is Billy Crystal, then Jerry Seinfeld,  Dennis Miller,  Steven Wright,  Franklin Ajaye, Kevin Meaney,  Bruce Smirnoff,  Jay Leno, Howie Mandel,  someone on a page with Willie Mays...

WELL - I told her "I'm not writing in this book, I'll ruin it" and she said "just sign it".

Again I said No Way I'm writing in this book because it's all major people and I don't belong in there and again she said she knows but asked me to please sign it.

Very Reluctantly, VERY!!! I signed it and felt an obligation to perform and somehow since that day, the summer and since it's been going pretty well on stage although I still feel horrible about signing the book but also honored.


René - (owner of the Improv)

René puts together the open mics at all the S. Florida Improvs. She is what I call so under-appreciated and I like to say she is like our comedy mom.  If anyone from the area should ever attain the accolades and the stardom from being a comic they better remember it was probably René that gave them the chance and the venue, not to mention they got it at an 'A' club.  

René who is a hard person to become friends with because of her position with the club and she is always inundated with comics and favors, yet she is still so sweet to everyone and the worst thing is that most of the comics don't realize she has feelings too. I sort of know what she's like as a person outside the club and I have to say over and over and over again she is the nicest sweetest lady you can't get to know.  The hardest thing for me is to try to do both. I want to know her outside the club but the relationship is between comic and owner and there isn't any middle ground. She doesn't let it and for me it's hard to ask to go on stage there because that means she is doing me a favor and I can't return it and that is a very odd feeling.  

René is the nicest sweetest person with a real life outside the club and it's unfortunate that most of us can't be a part of it. (It's like being the great Bill Cosby's neighbor, you see him everyday but you can't get in the gate because he can't trust anyone because they only want to gain something from him) That's the sad part of it.  I wish we could do stuff outside the club without mentioning comedy or the club - she's just that nice and I think that's what is so unfotunate.  She's like an expensive painting in a museum  and  you can't do anything but look at it from behind the line. How Sad.

If any Improv comics make it big, past, present or  future try to think of René as a nice lady with feelings and how hard she tries to make everyone happy but there is only so much stage and so much time and not to mention she has to be professional up front,  with an 'A" club in the back.  Don't forget her if you ever see yourself on Television.    She's probably a big reason you're there.  You have to love her.   SHE DESERVES IT. (the love)


LARRY   -  (owner of Grouchos comedy clubs)

How can anyone sum up Larry.  They say he's the meanest of all owners and he will tell you how your set was when you get off stage.  THAT'S WHAT I LIKE ABOUT HIM! If you want to get better don't save all the butter someone gives you, you need the bread. Personally I know who my friends are by the critique I get, not the butter. Sure you have the thousands that say 'hey great show, you were so funny, we loved you' but that ain't making you better. They might feel like it's nice and they might mean it but in the business find someone you trust for their realness and their knowledge on perfecting you, this isn't the business for the people that are only funny at home.

O.K. this is my Larry story. Knowing his reputation I went to Grouchos to do my first guest spot ever, my friend says if he asks tell him you've been up at alot of clubs, he doesn't like new comics.   I always think of the LIARS that go to clubs to do anything for stage time and it has caught up with some of them but I hold my reputation as being so important because I hate LIARS and I always say if you ever lie once and get caught no one will ever trust you again but if you tell the truth you always know your story.    Anyway  sure  enough  Larry  asked me "So, where have you performed before?"  I'll never ever forget his face when I said  "Nowhere, this is my first time."   Wow what a face, he must have thought this guy doesn't know to never joke around with the club owner but I couldn't lie to him. The set was mediocre to say the least. 

NOWADAYS  Larry likes me and I feature for him and I admire how he runs every club of his so professionally and if anyone talks during the show, it's like Vegas, they tell you to pipe down, then get out.  He is what I consider my mentor and he won't admit it, he says I have so much material because I like to do something different each time he's around and if he is around he still critiques me even after I use a bit that is already proven. Now I just smirk and say o.k. but Larry is my favorite for giving me the chance and giving me the bread, not the butter. He's the one that I hope I can repay someday.



JASON L - (was the manager of Uncle Funnys)

Jason was the manager at Uncle Funnys in Florida and I can't ever think of a time he wouldn't let me do a spot.  I can remember a time when they fired  the feature and I walked in to watch the show and Jason said go up and do some time. I wasn't prepared and it didn't go well from what I remember not because I wasn't prepared but it just didn't go well, (my fault, not the audience) but most of the times it went well!

Jason was so liked by most of the comics and the wait staff  that the only thing I wish was that on the last night they were ever opened before they became the Improv in Ft. Lauderdale was that he wasn't there. I went up on the last night ever there and did GREAT!  I never really like to say that I did good and I  don't like to talk to the audience after the shows (shyness)  but I did that night and so many people were all over me after that show and I remember thinking I wish J could have been there.    I even got a good high paying gig from 1 of the 2 couples that asked me after that show.

Should I ever make it big and I mean bigger than a cadillac big, I will be back to get J and bring him along and all the girls he wants to come with him. He'll also score a few lotto tickets.










































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